3D Flash Animator v4.9.8.7 Portable


3D Flash Animator has all of the tools needed to create stunning animations, as well as the interactive components and programming power to build sophisticated website interfaces and arcade-style games. All this can be done using an interface that was designed to be simple and easy to use.

3D Flash Animator has an advanced set of painting and drawing tools. Brush options include 3D effects with feathering and shadows.

3D Flash Animator has a number of different animation interfaces. You can choose from a wide range of special effects such as path animation, key framing, morphing, and motion blur. The timing of events can be given in frames or seconds.
3D Animation

Although Flash does not directly support 3D, 3D Flash Animator has the power to create 3D animations and export them as Flash files. 3D models can be imported or built within the interface. These can then be animated using a range of special effects.

3D Flash Animator allows you to harness the power of Actionscript 3. You can use scripting to control every aspect of a movie. The programming interface is easy to use, and the user is provided with wizards and debugging tools. The language has been streamlined to make it simpler and better suited to developing interactive animations and games.
Game development

Unlike other Flash tools, 3D Flash Animator supports complex properties such as velocity and acceleration. These features and others such as scrolling backgrounds, easy keyboard detection, and collision detection, make 3DFlash Animator the ideal tool for website game development.

Database support
Only 3D Flash Animator supports extended HTML with tables. 3D Flash Animator also supports XML database connections over the internet and can be used to create database front-ends for web pages.

more info : http://www.3dfa.com/

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